There are fewer topics today that hold the bar higher for polarizing opinions on the “right” way to do things than dog training (other than maybe raising a child).  Opinionated trainers as well as owners boisterously condemn the use of training tools or methods used by another because they don’t agree with them.  This may be pure-positive trainers discrediting training tools such as prong collars or e-collars, or balanced trainers that are getting on the case of anyone who uses an approach that doesn’t jive with their own training philosophy.

When are we going to realize that there is no one right or wrong way to do things?  Sure, one approach may work better for one particular dog, just as that same approach may send a different dog into a downward spiral!  Much like people, dogs are just as diverse in their personalities and needs.  I’m here to say: WALK THE WALK!  If what you are doing as a trainer is fantastic in all of its glory in getting consistent and lasting results, prove it!

Too many of us are targeted by people on different social media platforms with ridiculous accusations either claiming abuse because we use training tools to communicate with the dogs, or not being able to curb aggression by just using high-value rewards.  Clearly, these people who are so eager to speak out against any methods, have never watched a video of the results where trainers are completely transparent about their methods for training.  If they had, they would see clearly that in no way, shape or form are we abusing any animal, or intentionally setting them up to fail.  But what we are doing by posting video proof is standing by our methods and showing consistent results, balanced, happy dogs, and delighted owners!

A common support to back up training beliefs is “science says…” and “studies show…”.  If there were any merit to these claims, why are dogs also consistently improving and becoming more comfortable and balanced on methods that go against what “science” and “studies” claim?  Many trainers of all backgrounds consistently post content in the form of video showing dramatic turn-around in serious behavioural issues in dogs, so why is this proof discounted?  Everyone else would rather talk the talk, but no one else is prepared to WALK THE WALK.  They would rather cause friction in the controversial industry than really genuinely be interested in helping dogs and their owners.

If what you are doing is so great, people will support you and your methods.  But show the proof.  Get your smart phone out of your back pocket, open the camera app and start filming.  I agree, it is a lot of time and energy to film videos and spend countless hours editing them, but I’d say it’s worth it to be able to WALK THE WALK.  Having video proof of the methods and philosophy you stand by so strongly speaks louder than any comment you can leave on another trainer or dog owner’s social media.

Thanks to tons of video proof by trainers who may or may not support the use of tools or high value food rewards, but continue to show consistently amazing results to viewers all over the world, there is hope for dog owners by enabling them to research the trainer they hire and see with clarity the methods used.

So, before you slam someone else’s training methods, consider this: don’t just talk the talk, WALK THE WALK!

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