Trink’s owners reached out me us for help after their dog was hit by a car because he wouldn’t come back when called. We worked together in a program with 4 lessons to gently & completely train him to listen off-leash, and now they can rest easy knowing he will come back when called!

We worked with Jack and his owner to eliminate leash reactivity 3 sessions into his program! He went from scary to stellar in no time at all!

Learn the trick that can eliminate your dog’s anxiety by up to 90% in just 5 minutes a day!

Teaching Bear the Lab puppy how to walk nicely on a leash using a slip collar and food!

This next series of 6 videos shows the work we did with Lexi to help her overcome her dog aggression. She was a dog aggressive rescue dog from Iran who needed some proper socialization to learn how to behave appropriately around other dogs without attacking them:

Lexi learns how to stay calm around another dog using the Place command.

Lexi learns how to walk by a dog that she has history with, without reacting!

Lexi learns how to stay calm around other dogs while off-leash and remain in a heel!

Lexi learns how to play appropriately with other dogs!

In this video, I used Sam, my own personal dog, for doing obedience work together with Lexi, with the muzzle off!

In this video, I used Sam again for the first muzzle-off play experience for Lexi!