How do we train?

I’ll teach you how to reward and praise your dog but also how to stop unwanted behaviour, too. Most dog training programs ONLY focus on rewarding, which is an awesome way to teach command words (like “come” and “sit”) but many families struggle to get their dogs to do those commands reliably. Especially around distractions or when they just don’t feel like it! You might also have challenges with behaviours like jumping, pulling, barking too much and other things that keep you from enjoying your dog as much as you’d like. We resolve all those things (and even more severe behaviours, too), in a way that teaches your dog clearly, gently and easily.

Do you offer individual training sessions?

While I used to offer this, I found it to be a “band-aid” approach to dog training and did not address the overall problems. Individual sessions aren’t at all the best way to eliminate one or two particular problematic behaviours, because these are symptoms of a bigger issue with the dog.

Much like anything else, when you address the problems on a foundational level and get to the root of the issues, you eliminate the reason why it was happening in the first place. This helps keeps unwanted behaviours from coming back up later, and makes the training so much easier knowing you have a whole program with us that will give you the outcome you’re looking for.

Are we a good fit?

I am all about teamwork, so there are a few things that are important for each of us to make sure the program works easily and quickly.

We’ll work as a team so you have that trust and support that will make sure your dog’s transformation continues for a long time after our initial program together.

To make long term success a reality, it is important that I work with the clients that are 100% willing to set boundaries with your dog, as well as follow through with ALL of my training program and homework.

Simply getting together with me for an hour a week will not work and will be a waste of your time.

People who are willing listen and apply what they learn to achieve the results they desire are those who will see consistent, lasting results.

I need the whole family on board with the training. Dogs are influenced by everyone and everything in their environment, and therefore it is imperative that the family adheres to the same principles, rules and boundaries.

What if I don’t see the results I was hoping for from the training, is there a guarantee?

At Cascadia Dog Training, we only choose the most thorough and dedicated owners to work with and this is what makes it possible to see more rapid and consistent progress towards more balanced, better-behaved dogs.
We work as a team with our clients and their dogs from the first point of contact, well before we even meet you. Once we work together, you are considered part of the Cascadia family and your success is our number one priority.
While it’s not honest or appropriate for a dog trainer to guarantee certain results (because of all the variables involved), as long as you’re applying what we work on together, we’ll make sure you reach your goals and keep working with you until you do.