Success Stories

Natalie Wade

Our family got a puppy just over a month ago and we had no idea how to train him. We did have the forethought to get help from Michelle from the start. With her knowledge I can see how this has set us on the right path for a rewarding… Read more “Natalie Wade”

Mark Best

After our dog Dusty was attacked by another dog, he developed a fearful aggression towards other large dogs. We used several trainers, and with much positive reinforcing he was well behaved except when it came to his interaction and fear towards other dogs with which we had no success. Once… Read more “Mark Best”

Malinda Parker

Michelle and Cascadia Dog Training has been a lifesaver. My puppy was completely out of control, and terribly reactive. Not a fun existence for either of us. With Michelle’s knowledge, experience and proper use of the correct training tools, I have a much happier well balanced dog that is now… Read more “Malinda Parker”

Jacqueline McClure-Zerbe

Michelle doesn’t just train dogs, she trains owners. We were first-time dog owners trying to socialize a 2 year-old Japanese Akita. An adorable companion in the home, Bruno would threaten other dogs outside the house. As he became increasingly but unpredictably reactive, he was no longer welcome on pack walks.… Read more “Jacqueline McClure-Zerbe”